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Crazed Oasis fan storms the stage at the Benicassim Festival in Spain



Oasis were at the centre of yet another security blunder this tour after another crazed fan stormed the stage at the Benicassim festival in Spain.  

During their set at Benicassim on Thursday, a women stormed the stage trying to get close to the band, but this time security managed to step in before any damage was done.

A witness told the Daily Star Sunday: “She ran on to the stage, punched and kicked security and even crawled under the stage.

At first there were just two guys guarding the band but they called for back-up and in the end it took ten burly bouncers to get rid of her.”

Last year Noel Gallagher was hospitalised with three broken ribs after a man ran onstage and shoved him into monitor speakers in the middle of a show at the V Festival in Toronto, Canada.

You can watch Oasis live at the Melt Festival tonight at 11pm local time and 10pm (UK Time) for more details click here.


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