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DJ Hero Renegade Edition

Start the Party with the DJ Hero Renegade Edition Featuring JAY-Z and EMINEM. In addition to the DJ Hero game, the Renegade Edition includes a premium Renegade Turntable Controller, hardshell Turntable Carrying Case that converts to a performance-ready DJ stand, and an Exclusive JAY-Z and EMINEM 2-CD pack featuring unreleased tracks.

The makers of Guitar Hero® introduce a new way to experience your favorite music. With DJ Hero you will be the life of the party as you scratch and mix more than 101 songs into 94 unique mixes.

Learn basic and advanced DJ Hero techniques, then spin your way through different setlists in beginner, easy, medium, hard, and expert modes. Grab your friends and start your own DJ Hero party.

DJ Hero Renegade Edition Includes:

³ DJ Hero Game

³ Renegade Turntable Controller featuring premium metal controls and finish

³ Hardshell Turntable Carrying Case that converts to performance-ready DJ stand

³ Exclusive JAY-Z and EMINEM 2-CD pack featuring unreleased tracks and collectible case designed by artist Shepard Fairey

Master the Turntable

³ Scratch: show you skills by scratching the turntable back and forth

³ Mix: crossfade between the left track and right track

³ Sample: customize your mix by selecting and dropping in sound effects

³ Additional Features:

– Rewind: hit enough notes in a row to earn a Rewind, allowing you to replay a section of the song and earn more points or repeat your favorite part of the song

– Effects Dial: similar to Guitar Hero’s Whammy Bar, adjust the audio effects on a track during special sections

– Euphoria Mode: similar to Guitar Hero’s Star Power, build up your Euphoria Meter and use it to double your score multiplier

– Spin Lefty: easily reconfigure the turntable for left-handed play

Party with Your Friends

³ 2-DJ: battle your friends or spin cooperatively in local and online multiplayer

³ DJ & Guitar: grab your Guitar Hero guitar (sold separately) and rock exclusive mixes with a DJ

³ Party Mode: set the game to autoplay as the soundtrack of your party – players can jump in or out at any time

Featuring the Hottest Music: Includes the best of Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance, and Rock mixed into original tracks created by top DJs: Grandmaster Flash, DJ Shadow, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Z Trip, DJ AM, and others.

DJ Hero mixes include hit songs from:

³ 50 Cent
³ Beastie Boys
³ Beck
³ Bell Biv DeVoe
³ Benny Benassi
³ Billy Squier
³ Black Eyed Peas
³ Blondie
³ Chuck Brown
³ David Bowie
³ Dizzee Rascal
³ DJ Shadow
³ Eminem
³ Eric B & Rakim
³ Eric Prydz
³ Foo Fighters
³ Foreigner
³ Gary Numan
³ Gorillaz
³ Grandmaster Flash
³ Gwen Stefani
³ Herbie Hancock
³ InDeep
³ Jurassic 5
³ Justice
³ KRS-1
³ LL Cool J
³ Marvin Gaye
³ N.E.R.D.
³ Public Enemy
³ Rick James
³ Tears for Fears
³ The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra
³ Zombies

³ And More!

DJ Hero Bundles Part Numbers & UPC Codes

· Xbox 360 96029 0-47875-96029-9 SRP $199.99

· PlayStation 3 96027 0-47875-96027-5 SRP $199.99

· Wii 96031 0-47875-96031-2 SRP $199.99


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