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The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses – out August 10th

The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses

On 10th August, 2009, twenty years to the day from the moment when four Manchester musicians stepped on to the stage of the Blackpool Empress Ballroom for what would become a legendary gig, Sony Music re-release the classic album that is ‘The Stone Roses’ in 4 brand new formats.

The Collector’s Edition of this landmark UK album features a fully re-mastered version of the album by original producer John Leckie and Ian Brown, alongside a number of bonus discs, unseen footage, extra tracks and interviews with high profile fans.

The full DVD of that legendary Empress Ballroom show is enclosed whilst Disc 2 delivers a complete set of re-mastered B sides and non album A sides including such favourites as ‘Mersey Paradise’, ‘Elephant Stone’, ‘Fools Gold’, ‘What The World Is Waiting For’ and ‘One Love’.

And most importantly, the third CD features ‘The Lost Demos’, previously unheard and much sought after selection of the band’s early recordings of the album tracks B side single tracks, plus the never before heard track ‘Pearl Bastard’.

Whilst three heavyweight vinyl’s collate the material across 6 sides.

More unheard and unseen material comes in the form of five backwards tracks and John Leckie’s personal home movie ‘Up at Sawmills: The Making of Fools Gold’, which are contained on a Lemon shaped USB – in homage to the album’s iconic sleeve art.  The DVD in this collection features the legendary Blackpool gig itself, plus six of the promotional videos made during this period

A 48 page bound book within the Collector’s Edition features a number of unseen images of the band and new interviews with the members of the band, including a poem and sketch by Reni exclusively for the collection, as well interviews from high profile fans including the likes of Noel Gallagher, Peter Hook, Mark Ronson, Glasvegas and many others, and also those who were involved, including super producer John Leckie himself.

The Collector’s Edition also includes 6 John Squire 12” card art prints.

A Legacy Edition of the album, featuring the re-mastered album, The Lost Demos and the Blackpool Live DVD will also be made available on 10th August, plus there will be a further reduced 1CD Special Edition, which will contain the re-mastered album plus the full 9:53 version of ‘Fools Gold’ bonus track, presented in a new gatefold digipack.

On top of this there will also be a limited edition Gatefold Vinyl re-issue that will contain the re-mastered LP on heavyweight vinyl plus a bonus white label 7” of ‘Pearl Bastard’



CD 1 – The Stones Roses (20th Anniversary Re-Master)
I Wanna Be Adored – She Bangs The Drums – Waterfall – Don’t Stop – Bye Bye Bad Man – Elizabeth My Dear – (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister – Made Of Stone – Shoot You Down – This Is The One – I Am The Ressurection

CD 2 – The Extras (20th Anniversary Re-Master)
Elephant Stone (12” Version) – Full Fathom Five – The Hardest Thing – Going Down – Guernica – Mersey Paradise – Standing Here – Simone – Fools Gold (Full Length) – What The World Is Waiting For – One Love (Full Length) – Something’s Burning (Full Length) – Where Angels Play

CD 3 – The Lost Demos
I Wanna Be Adored – She Bangs The Drums – Waterfall – Bye Bye Badman – Sugar Spun Sister – Shoot You Down – This Is The One – I Am The Resurrection – Elephant Stone – Going Down – Mersey Paradise – Where Angels Play – Something’s Burning – One Love – Pearl Bastard

The entire legendary Blackpool Empress Ballroom show plus videos for the five Silvertone singles.

The Book
48 page bound soft back book containing unseen images, brand new band interviews, interview with John Leckie, and high profile fans including Noel Gallagher and Peter Hook.

Blackpool Live
1. I Wanna Be Adored
2. Elephant Stone
3. Waterfall
4. Sugar Spun Sister
5. Made of Stone
6. She Bangs The Drums
7. Where Angels Play
8. Shoot You Down
9. Going Down
10. Mersey Paradise

1. Waterfall
2. Fools Gold
3. I Wanna Be Adored
4. One Love
5. She Bangs The Drums
6. Standing There

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Jay-Z interview with Tim Westwood and more

Check out Jay-Z’s latest interview with Tim Westwood. He touches on a couple of subjects including new music, rumors and more.

Jay-Z has dropped two tracks that were originally destined for his new album Blueprint 3, the Oasis-taunting “Jockin’ Jay-Z” and Santigold-sampling “Brooklyn Go Hard,” won’t be making the album’s final track list.

Speaking recently to Radio 1’s Zane Lowe about his much talked-about headline performance at the 2008 Glastonbury festival was all about breaking down barriers.

His performance caused a media storm after Noel Gallagher said it was “wrong” to have a hip hop headliner.

Jay-Z opened his set with a cover of the Oasis’ Wonderwall and playing along with a guitar.

He told Zane: “I felt like breaking down the barriers. There’s a few people that wanted to see the concert and everything in its traditional form but that’s not the way of the world.

“It felt like once I got to the people, they were excited. I had to be good. I was so focused on that. Just to really perform and put it out there.”

Speaking of his surprising stint on the guitar, he said: “I was actually backstage trying to get that little piece together 10 minutes before the show.

“I should’ve practiced. I wanted to at least act like the chords were right.”

Jay-Z said that he’s still a huge fan of Wonderwall.

“We always play it,” he said. “I have a restaurant called the Spotted Pig. We have this small room, it’s like a back room, about 100 people can fit in there and we play it all the time and we just go crazy.”

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Official trailer for the Peter Green story: Man Of The World

Watch the official trailer for The Peter Green Story: Man Of The World, an intimate portrait of the legendary guitarist and founder of Fleetwood Mac.

This startling feature-length music documentary features interviews with Peter himself, as well as Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Jeremy Spencer, Carlos Santana, Noel Gallagher and more. Broadcast on BBC and released through Scanbox in UK.

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